Summer Collection

Summer Collection

New Ducks Alert!

We're so excited to finally announce our new collection for the summer. Please welcome our newest additions to Duckingnice:

Hawaiian Duck:

Hawaiian Duck is always ready for vacay! He loves sitting beachside with his shades and hat on while sipping a deliciously cold drink. He joined duckingnice looking for an owner to share his chill vibes with. If you’re looking for a duck friend to accompany you on trips, chillax with you on the beach, and see the world together, Hawaiian Duck is the duck for you.


Baby Soju Duck:

We’re all familiar with Soju Duck, but what about his brother? This adorable Baby Soju Duck loves to have a good time with friends and some soju, just like his older brother. He might look small, but he knows how to handle a bottle! If you’re looking for a fun and playful companion for your nights out, consider adopting a Baby Soju Duck.

P.S. He baby at heart but of drinking age.

Surfing Duck:

You can always catch Surfing Duck at the beach with its surfboard, ready to ride the waves! It’s always up for the challenge and loves that sunny weather! It joined duckingnice looking to be adopted by someone who loves to be by the water, catching gnarly waves, and having a ducking nice time. 


Campfire Duck:

Do you smell something sweet? There’s a little Campfire Duck toasting some marshmallows over the campfire! This Duck has endless campfire stories to tell and food to share. If you enjoy outdoor adventures, campfire stories, and the magic of summer nights, you will definitely love sitting around the fire with Campfire Duck!

Sunflower Duck:

Sunflower Duck is full of happiness and love! This duck of sunshine loves being around friends and relaxing at your nearest sunflower field. (Are you surprised?) Sunflower Duck has joined Duckingnice in hopes of finding an owner as positive as they are to brighten their day! 


Summer Ducks in Love:

This duck is small, but his heart is huge, and he is absolutely smitten with a lady duck. To make her smile, he plans to bring her one of her favorite flowers at their next meeting.


One sunny morning, he sets out early and waddles his way to a sunflower field, which is actually far away since he is so small. But despite the heat and long trek, he makes it into the biggest sunflower field our little duck has ever seen. Amongst the many tall and bright yellow flowers, he picks the biggest and most beautiful sunflower he can find, and excitedly drags it back home with him.

In this final scene, our duck finally meets his love. He shyly holds his gift behind him, a testament to his love.


We put a lot of time and effort into our ducks, so we hope you'll love them as much as we do!

If you have any inquires, you can direct all questions to
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