DUCKINGNICE is about the ducks, of course. But on first glance, it may be easily misunderstood. In fact, our brand was once introduced as "apparel for ducks". Unfortunately for the duck population, we are not selling clothes that ducks can wear. We are, however, using the power of personification on ducks to bring our consumer's identity to life. 

Since the beginning of fashion, our clothes and accessories have always acted as a mirror of ourselves. Our personality, our quirks, where we come from and what we appreciate, these are all parts of ourselves that we try to present to the world through the clothes we choose to wear everyday. 

DUCKINGNICE seeks to expand on that idea of self expression, by producing limited edition designs that can bring that sense of identity and alignment with each unique duck concept. 

We are very excited to launch our first collection of ducks to the public and show the world something we believe is really DUCKINGNICE. 


Welcome to The World of Ducks! 


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