Care for Ducks

When you make a purchase from duckingnice, we want to insure that you have the proper knowledge to care for your ducks so that they can last you a lifetime.

Our ducks are embroidered onto 100% organic cotton. Cotton is known to shrink considerably in the wash, so even though they are preshrunk, it is still the best policy to wash them inside out, with like colors, using cold water, and hanging dry, as per the care label to reduce shrinkage as much as possible. 

This is the best way to preserve the quality of the embroidery as well as the sizing of your apparel. 

We designed these ducks to be loved for life, so we spared no expense to reduce our quality of the fabric or the details of the embroidery. Now its your turn to care for your duck. We know if you continue to cherish it and treat it right, your duck is sure to pay back your care twofold. 

Isn't that duckingnice?