Our Mission

Duckingnice aspires to share happiness and bring companionship through our ducks. We believe clothing plays an important role in how you feel about yourself and how the world sees you. However, we want to go beyond that - we want you to feel a sense of comfort and support when you wear our ducks. All while not cutting any corners on quality and sustainability standards. 


Our ducks as companions and not just a product:

The heavy feeling of pressure and stress from our responsibilities is a feeling we all know too well, and having to overcome obstacles alone can be overwhelming at times. That’s why we created our adorable ducks - to always serve as your loyal companions who will stick by your side through thick and thin! Whether you are overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles or just need a friend to share your wins with, I hope our ducks can steal your heart and bring you happiness, comfort, and companionship.


We aim to make unique pieces that have no comparison on the market:

Despite being so oversaturated in the fashion industry, there is still an overwhelming amount of niche interest groups and hobbyists that aren’t catered to. Duckingnice hopes to remedy this issue, by producing a variety of designs each drop that is targeted to represent different ideologies, personalities, and lifestyles. Our ducks are limited edition and of limited quantity, so you know the piece(s) you own are one of only a few others. 


Clothes built to last, that are so comfortable you’ll want to wear them every day:

Too often, trendy and fashionable clothes can be uncomfortable or begin to degrade after only a short period of wearing. This isn’t the experience we want our customers to have, so we strive to create apparel that can be loved for a lifetime. We pride ourselves on producing our ducks only on some of the finest quality organic cotton around by collaborating with manufacturers and companies that care about the environment and our customer experience like we do. 


Ethically sourced clothing for your peace of mind:

We at Duckingnice are extremely concerned about the current climate crises, excessive human waste, and exploitative labor laws seen around the world. We want our clothing brand to be a part of the solution, not the problem. That is why we take great care to ensure that all our products are produced from organic or recycled materials, are manufactured with fair labor practices, and are constructed and assembled using sustainable energy sources.