Our Story

Hello World! My name is Tiffany Sage, and I am the founder/designer of Duckingnice. 

Long before I founded Duckingnice, I had always used my art to express and entertain those closest to me in my life. The idea behind Duckingnice originated as an inside joke between me and my friends. I would take requests from each of them to draw funny and cute ducks that represented each of their personalities and interests. Eventually the demand for my ducks expanded outside of my friend group, and more people in my life were asking me to design ducks that represented something about them.

This demand was what led me to create Duckingnice clothing. It made me realize that there are so many groups, niche interests, hobbies, and fandoms that don’t see representation in the fashion industry and have limited options when shopping for clothes that can express their interests and passions. However, beyond that, I want our ducks to be less than just a product and more of a companion that will be by your side no matter what. This is something that Duckingnice strives to add to the fashion industry - by creating unique and limited edition designs that will not only make you feel good while wearing our clothing, but also feel a sense of happiness and comfort from our adorable ducks.

There’s no denying that the clothes we wear are an extension of ourselves. What we wear is more important than we realize - it impacts our mood and how confident we feel. But what about when we are feeling pressure and stress from our responsibilities? Or when we want someone or something to be there for us when we feel lonely? My intention for Duckingnice is to promote happiness and support, by designing something that is personal and special to you, and use our clothing as a vehicle for bringing you a companion. I hope each new design can reach a new group of passionate people who will love wearing our ducks as much as I love making them. 

I don’t want to take shortcuts on design or quality of material. I want my clothes to be so comfortable and durable, it feels like you could wear them every day without them falling apart! We are strong believers in maintaining ethical and sustainable practices in our manufacturing process. All materials should be sustainably sourced, and ethically produced so you have peace of mind when wearing anything by Duckingnice. Overall, I hope to share happiness and bring companionship through our ducks with the most ethical and sustainable clothing on the market.

I believe that life is better when you share it with those you love, whether that is a person, a thing, or even a duck. It’s important to know that you’re not alone in this world. So let me show you something that is close to my heart, and really, really, Duckingnice.