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Baby Soju Duck Shirt
Baby Soju Duck Shirt

Baby Soju Duck Shirt

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Who is Soju Duck?

We’re all familiar with Soju Duck, but what about his brother? This adorable Baby Soju Duck loves to have a good time with friends and some soju, just like his older brother. He might look small, but he knows how to handle a bottle! If you’re looking for a fun and playful companion for your nights out, consider adopting a Baby Soju Duck.

PS. He baby at heart but of drinking age.


 WOW! So the cuteness of a Baby Soju Duck was not enough to convince you to adopt, huh? I'll go ahead and tell you all about the t-shirt, but be ready to be fully converted into a duckingnice fan for life. 

- 280 GSM, and if you do not know what that means, that means it's THICC and HEAVY. Fellas in streetwear go crazy for these high gsm t-shirts, and for good reason! They aren't see-through, keep you warm, and give a nicer silhouette. But what makes this one different is that it's extraordinarily smooth to the touch. While other t-shirts on the market are rough to the touch, pill up hard, or simply break apart, this t-shirt is simply built differently, and you can definitely feel the difference. 

- 100% cotton, as we are out here trying to be environmentally friendly and everything. We want to make sure they can last more than a few wash cycles. These are preshrunk, so you won't experience any shrinkage however you wash these shirts. 


We did wash tests on our side already, and our ducks did not shrink or degrade after we threw them through a few hot wash and dry cycles. You're good. Don't burn your t-shirts tho. We do not offer refunds or exchanges on our ducks if you emotionally or physically damage them.